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Mission Statement

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Statement of Mission:
Our mission is to develop each student's knowledge, skills, and talents to the fullest, so that as a participant in a community of learners, each child will use these qualities to make the world a better place for all.

Core Values:
The members of the Paxton Center School community will:

  • Work in partnership in a supportive environment to develop a high level of proficiency in the core curriculum area of our school.
  • Work in partnership to provide individualized opportunities for all in an academically challenging environment to support life long learning.
  • Work in partnership to respect, accept, and value diversity in ourselves and others, support the efforts of all and recognize the resulting accomplishments.

The Paxton Center School strives to provide an educational environment in which each child has the opportunity to fulfill his/her positive potential within the framework of a democratic society.


  •  Skills: Each child should acquire basic skills in reading, writing, computation, as well as listening and speaking.
  • Knowledge: Each child should acquire basic concepts, key generalizations, and principles of a given content area.
  • Thinking Process: Each child should demonstrate his/her thinking abilities so that he/she can become more capable of processing information in order to become a self educating adult.
  • Human Values: Each child should be provided with the experiences which help develop and demonstrate human values such as honesty, trust, courage, responsibility, consideration, and respect for the individual worth of self and others.

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